Rebecka Reinhard

Celebrating women with a unique edge that’s hard to ignore, Reinhard is ACS’ new favourite Scandi

It’s no secret there’s an abundance of musical talent seeping out of Scandinavia. One such Swedish folk artist Rebecka Reinhard has exactly the type of sound you’d expect from that part of the world.

Akin to some ACS favorites, Lykke Li and Mø, this young artist has a sultry sound to accompany her melancholic guitar melodies. Rebecka Reinhard effortless cool shines through her three-track EP’s nostalgic undertones.

Released via the illustrious skippedAbeat Music Management, tracks ‘Pisces’ and ‘For the road’ demonstrate Reinhard’s remarkable ability to use vocals to add incredible depth to a song. The track is a refreshingly honest statement of musical intent from the young singer-songwriter and one that evokes something that far surpasses the confines of typically brilliant ‘Scandi pop’.

We’re looking forward to hearing more from this wonderfully talented artist.

Listen to more from Rebecka Reinhard on her website and look out for her latest ‘Cherry Trees’ EP, released on 17th May 2017.



Text Hannah Vasdekys
Photography Matt Monfredi